Check in

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Hola Galeras,

I do not not have ever dreamed of camping but the idea of living in the woods is surprisingly magical to me.

Or maybe a lighthouse would be better suited for me.

To tiptoe again into a small waterfall.

Something that would let us live and create without distracting sounds and people.

To make art with dirt under my finger nails and eat only in bowls with fun patterns.

It’s a weird goal but sometimes you dream outside of boxes.

So… the check in.


Painter Files Podcast ep. 93 Life in the lights

Expiring dreams and movies ink Painter Files Podcast

Im taking a break from the normal PFP. I love my podcast but I feel silly and enjoy watching movies so here we are. This episode will be focused of Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic”.
  1. Expiring dreams and movies ink
  2. Stop Light ink
  3. Stop light ink
  4. Shake it out ink
  5. Legacy ink

Busy weeks, always. I never know what each week gives me.

I used to love only watching sad movies. It was thing I would do to find my mood to create. As my twenties ended it came as less of a need to survive. The Polar bear needs the iceberg but the whale only needs the ocean. I got better at my craft and stopped looking outward. The whole process is a winding road of a hellscape. 🙂

My body is getting older and with that I feel the pain of my youth. Every time I should have broken and my body flexed is felt getting up from chairs. Horrible truth of the reverse of invincibility.

I hate baths. I only take them when the pain is so bad it’s hard to breath. The worst … human soup.

With Fall comes rain and with rain comes pain in bones.

Push past and the pain and create.

Life has a scary reality that comes with mortality.

continue on dreamers.

til next time,