Crowns inside down

cover_2Painter Files Art Book

Know that we are loved. Know that the heart is a muscle and the muscle is you. Know that when I started being a painter at age three it was only to draw the characters on the 80’s cartoon Transformers. Know that I see the world 20 years too early in the back of my left eye. The right sees visions of the past and possible paths. Know that all that I see on the canvas I dreamed about for five years.

Bit by bit, piece by piece and all it grows together. ​All the stars looking back seeing your sleepy faces and the Moon.

dream well kiddos,



Deep makings


Fullest weekend ever. My little sister got married. it was beautiful. My close friends had an engagement party.  It was vegan which was better then I thought it would be. It’s funny how life surprises you.
My plants are still alive and back inside because it’s way too hot outside on the daily and dry. They look happy so I feel good. I have kept a few of them alive for years.
I’m mostly just trying to do little art projects this weekend. so I reworked these.

I love tips.

Painter Files Podcast ep 35

So the food was really good and I’m glad I made it.

For the most part I love that we can talk while I make food.

Anike has some beautiful art you should  check out.


Alec is amazing as always.


Her latest article was golden.

Popculture Uncensored article.

My new painting is finally done and I feel good about it. I will feel great at some point.

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All the signs say to fight for what I believe in.

So I’m going to figure out how to make a fund for DACA money. I’m not sure who to talk to to get it started but I know how I want to raise the money.  I’m going to have a group show and we will create and sell art. The money will go to legal help and renewal fees.

I think I may have found my new direction, and that may be to help people with my art.

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Learning and making

Finding my self at a crossroads, where I need to sell more art and yet I feel madly self-conscious about asking for sales. I know It’s a part of being existing but still, I feel awkward.

The young crow sits and yells for meals. They have no shame of anger. They have nothing but drive. I need to become the crow again. Make and do nonstop for the November show.

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Little littles

Making has this quality to it that is truly unmatched. Something about creating with your hands that just grabs hold of time and melt the ends of existence. You meld with the creativity.

Love is the paint and your eyes only see the colors, future ,past and present.