What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?


I think it means strength in Swahili.

Jãwara Quacy means quiet strength. I think it describes my painting style very well.


2 thoughts on “Quacy”

  1. Apparently no one wants to share their real names with you. Online. Go figure.

    Okay neither do I, for that matter. heh

    Suffice to say my middle name is the name I sign my emails to you with. Stopped using my first name about forty years ago, back when getting it changed it on my legal documents only required (I kid you not) a note from my mother. =-)

    The name doesn’t mean anything that I know of. Just something my parents thought went well with my first name, which was an overly popular name back then. Went to grade school with four other girls with the same name. All of us got together and had a slumber party one time. Imagine being a parent hosting a slumber party with five little girls who all had the same name. My poor mom.

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