Painter files: Fireflies on the moon

We all want to be an indie song. We want to be a secret favorite of everyone that no one knows is really popular. That is my nature. To make these huge statements with ink and paint and not give deep long answers to what they mean at all and just let you think about them and make up your own narrative but I would love to secretly read chat room arguments on what it means to you conflicting to the screen name across the world. I daydream about the day when I’m so busy someone sees me on the street and goes “wait is that , that guy who did that painting?”  I want to be the atom in the scarlet. I didn’t come up with that I heard it in a song from a movie but it stuck with me and my mind ran with it. That is what I want to be with paint. A song in your head.

2 thoughts on “Painter files: Fireflies on the moon”

  1. You ARE that artist. When I see you in a crowd I am proud to know you and I am so obsessed with your art that I literally turned my living room into a Jay Blake museum. I need more. And I will get more. You ARE my favorite indie song. And even though I don’t see you that much I am blessed to have met you, will continue to support your art, AND brag about you to everyone I know.

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