Painter Files Pequeño Podcast

Hands and feet ink Painter Files Podcast

Hola Galeras, I am here and so are you. Thing talked about in weird artista ways. Lots of it. My links Artisan Wellness Project – The Covered Market
  1. Hands and feet ink
  2. I came to leave scars ink
  3. pequeno zine
  4. 4x pequeño
  5. Lil pequeño

7 thoughts on “Painter Files Pequeño Podcast”

  1. Hey I thought you were going to stop recording these while driving..?

    Anyway, funny how a nearly-forgotten comment can sometimes evoke something large in another person. I’ve been so shut down (autoimmune-related brain failure) that I’d gotten stuck on “I don’t know what I want to work on.” Never occurred to me until this morning that this is EXACTLY what I want to work on, reconnecting my brain so I can figure out where to go from here. Derp.

    As usual, this external prompt from you is excellent timing as I have the house to myself this weekend and can meditate/think without distractions. Woo!

    Really enjoying these Pequeno Podcasts. It’s nice to be able to keep up for once. ❤

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    1. I thought about not recording while driving when I was editing the podcast. I didn’t plan to do it. But not that it makes it better, I was alone in the park. No other cars for miles.

      I’m sorry you are having pains and fog. I know that really must be uncomfortable. I hope these little podcasts can distract from it a bit.

      I keep trying to remember to meditate myself.

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      1. Right?!? It’s always like this for me at the start of the colder/wetter season. The external humidity seems to make my body think it doesn’t need to drink water. Sure it needs less than when it’s hot out, but come on! … After a few weeks it gets a lot easier, but sometimes I get a bit dehydrated this time of year.

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