Painter Files Pequeño Podcast

Hola Galeras, hope you are well. I’m good. Today’s podcast is about growing older as an artist and focusing on what you want so you don’t feel stuck.
  1. Legacy ink
  2. Yas ink
  3. Be the seed ink
  4. Abuelo’s engines ink
  5. Even less Ai art ink

7 thoughts on “Painter Files Pequeño Podcast”

  1. Hey I thought you were going to stop recording these while driving..?

    Anyway, funny how a nearly-forgotten comment can sometimes evoke something large in another person. I’ve been so shut down (autoimmune-related brain failure) that I’d gotten stuck on “I don’t know what I want to work on.” Never occurred to me until this morning that this is EXACTLY what I want to work on, reconnecting my brain so I can figure out where to go from here. Derp.

    As usual, this external prompt from you is excellent timing as I have the house to myself this weekend and can meditate/think without distractions. Woo!

    Really enjoying these Pequeno Podcasts. It’s nice to be able to keep up for once. ❤

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    1. I thought about not recording while driving when I was editing the podcast. I didn’t plan to do it. But not that it makes it better, I was alone in the park. No other cars for miles.

      I’m sorry you are having pains and fog. I know that really must be uncomfortable. I hope these little podcasts can distract from it a bit.

      I keep trying to remember to meditate myself.

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      1. Right?!? It’s always like this for me at the start of the colder/wetter season. The external humidity seems to make my body think it doesn’t need to drink water. Sure it needs less than when it’s hot out, but come on! … After a few weeks it gets a lot easier, but sometimes I get a bit dehydrated this time of year.

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