Painter Files Podcast ep. 93 Life in the lights

Life in the lights Painter Files Podcast

Season 3 is booming. Thanks you to all the new Galeras! This podcast keeps growing and itโ€™s amazing to me. This episode is about painting and making. Shock.
  1. Life in the lights
  2. Dreaming of dead mice and Inktober
  3. The way we are.
  4. I miss you and some much muchness to come in season 3.
  5. How is a Rose like a water ballon?

Busy weeks, always. I never know what each week gives me.

I used to love only watching sad movies. It was thing I would do to find my mood to create. As my twenties ended it came as less of a need to survive. The Polar bear needs the iceberg but the whale only needs the ocean. I got better at my craft and stopped looking outward. The whole process is a winding road of a hellscape. ๐Ÿ™‚

My body is getting older and with that I feel the pain of my youth. Every time I should have broken and my body flexed is felt getting up from chairs. Horrible truth of the reverse of invincibility.

I hate baths. I only take them when the pain is so bad it’s hard to breath. The worst … human soup.

With Fall comes rain and with rain comes pain in bones.

Push past and the pain and create.

Life has a scary reality that comes with mortality.

continue on dreamers.

til next time,