Painter’s breakfast

Hola Galeras,

Hope you had a nice breakfast. What did you eat? I got to make myself pancakes with guava jelly. It was amazing.




National Geographic story


Painter’s Breakfast

Hola Galeras, hope you enjoyed the show.

I had the Salmon toast for Tacoma Bevco in Tacoma Park, Maryland.

The music playing at the beginning was an artist named Busdriver.

Links for the week

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Painter Files Podcast

Expiring dreams and movies ink Painter Files Podcast

Im taking a break from the normal PFP. I love my podcast but I feel silly and enjoy watching movies so here we are. This episode will be focused of Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic”.
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  2. Stop Light ink
  3. Stop light ink
  4. Shake it out ink
  5. Legacy ink