This life

There is a madness to silence. I life in silence in a different way. Mine is more of visual silence. I watch and slowly the world melts away and then I paint for hours. In that time I can’t hear the waking world. It has this lovely lonely feel to it. Does that make any sense? I hope you get what I mean. I’m a self-isolationist in many ways.

The book is coming a long. I had to take a break for a second to let my eyes rest. The left is still trying to time travel. Not the easiest to be two timelines at once.

Here are some of the shots for the 6 of 30.

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Coming along in the clouds

I really love this painting but I didn’t know that until last night.


Techno color muchness

Find me by the river of paint and ink. I’ll be the one looking busy.


53738 starting point

The start of a painting is the hardest. The blank is all your fears and self doubt. I’ve been doing this a long time and I still get nervous. I try to get in front of the fear. Never let it get behind you.



Every thing has a story. It’s a meal in a way. A life time of consumables.


the world just needs more color. It feels more like it wants to vibrate when it’s vivid. Heartbeats sound better in yellow, blue and red.