life at almost 37

My journey into the dark started with colors. The dark I speak of is my mind. Painter has this quality to it that lets you make what ever you can dream up; so you have to challenge your self to look so deep in yourself that you hit bottom every time. I build pathways to the sea bed back to the surface and then plant seeds for new concepts. It leaves me swollen and scared in a good way. Plant a tree and feed a forest. The roots are strong and powerful but not meant to last longer then a few lifetimes of paintings. Maybe a few hundred paintings and then a new tree has to be planted on top of it. Madness, beautiful madness.

she grows in colors and concepts.

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Always painting

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a few links to get to me more of my works.



So I’m working on all these pieces trying to cultivate a masterpiece. It feels almost impossible but the unattainable is the goal of all master artists. I feel like I’m learning so much from just doing these days and building in my mind as well. Nothing is my stopping point but me. There are hard steps but I’m choosing to walk into them with my head high and my shoulders back. There will be changes and reflexive reactions. the beast is my nature and my nature is the chaos of being creative. No soul knows everything but good planning leave little for mistakes and forgiving yourself to make mistakes painting leads to our right brilliant brush strokes.

This has been my Ted talk.


Stella the Rocker

There is this importance in showing real people in art. Art can change world’s perseptions.


the studio just feels really beautiful to me right now. I almost don’t want to touch anything. The quiet before the storm. Chaos is a nosebleed that you feel coming and all you can do is ready yourself.

The making is coming.


Painter Files Podcast ep 58

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A half of my sandwich

I’m working on the podcast. So here for now a taste of today in a way visually.


This life

There is a madness to silence. I life in silence in a different way. Mine is more of visual silence. I watch and slowly the world melts away and then I paint for hours. In that time I can’t hear the waking world. It has this lovely lonely feel to it. Does that make any sense? I hope you get what I mean. I’m a self-isolationist in many ways.

The book is coming a long. I had to take a break for a second to let my eyes rest. The left is still trying to time travel. Not the easiest to be two timelines at once.

Here are some of the shots for the 6 of 30.

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