A BlueJay in a murder​

Went on a trip. The beach was beautiful as all beaches are. Met great people and hung with great friends.

Jumping rope in teams, never my main source of being. Finding paths in the rain alone mostly my way. One finger holding on to Alec’s raincoat a lighthouse.


Painter Files Podcast ep 37

Things I talked about.

Dear White People show on Netflix


My big painting

IMG_4702 3.JPG

My new print





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busy making with painters tape.

I love doing these because they are so much fun and you never know how they will turn out.


I’m imaginary

I had this problem a few years back, I was in the middle of an amazing season of painting. I made around 300 little paintings a year and everyone loved it but a few people who had to tell me. Sadly I listened and it slowed me down. I changed my subjects a few times trying to find the same synergy and it has come back to me but I had this epiphany that I should just make as I do and stop listening to my outdoor demons.

I ‘m Jãws Blake and I paint for freedoms of the mind. I love the rest of you.




Tudo o que sei é que tenho que fazer como vejo o mundo.