deep makings

Planning for recptions is hard but fun.

I took some time off to make for the show with the prints but not really paint. It has been paintful to not live with the brush in my hand. I long for the madness of the ink covering everything.

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Stella the Rocker

There is this importance in showing real people in art. Art can change world’s perseptions.

madness is in the details

Hell for a painter is that fear. Fear of judgements for making with our hearts. It will run in off cliffs and into addictions. The mind is that ocean with sharp edges. Make and make with out borders. You can only underwhelm yourself by not starting.

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Such a beautiful green.

This is turning out really beautiful. I love how her face feels.

The sun is gone and the moon is full. I remember my professor saying ” always mix your own colors.” It sits true to this day. I love how at a show it gets compliments. My color pallet is rich. It feels good to see them in frames. I really enjoy the creaminess of taking it from a fresh mix onto a canvas.