Lovers day is coming!

Last year I waited too long to make these. This year I feel like you have some time. You can give them romantically, friendly or even familiarly.


madness is in the details

Hell for a painter is that fear. Fear of judgements for making with our hearts. It will run in off cliffs and into addictions. The mind is that ocean with sharp edges. Make and make with out borders. You can only underwhelm yourself by not starting.

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before the world wakes

So easy to be creative before anything opens its eyes. You never have to preform. Art in some ways is like a show; either post , present or past. Never get lost in the presentation rather than the making.

Thinking of times

Óla Galeras,

I think I’m going to make three photos a day.

The world just seems to ask for more of me and I will answer with more.

The book is fleshing out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

The new painting

Outside of the 6 of 30 project, I’m still paintings everything.


Painter Files Podcast ep 42 Life

So much has happened since the last episode of the podcast. New paintings and new events.

The book is going well but I wish I had more reviews. Painter Files Art Book

My mind is happy with creativity but it is also my madness. Naturally.

Music, Books, and life. Enjoy.

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Painter Files book

I am excited and fearful but all great things come from being a little bit of both.

Come and check out my new art book. It is one of the hardest and most beautiful projects I have made in 10 years.

PainterFilesPlease check it out, pick one up and tell everyone you know. It will mean the world to me.

Painter out,