The build up

Inktober for most artist’s is exciting and often insanity for all of October. We see it as this often impossible task. So my secret is to treat it like just a fun drawing session with my brushes. I try to do as many as I can in one setting. I know those aren’t the rules but the hell with the rules. Life comes at you some days sideways. The idea that you have enough time to think and prep for 31 days is stupid. I for one have commissions to do in addition to Inktober that are important also. I’m sure a lot of us do. We are all very talented.

Just breath and promise yourself to try and that is what is important. If you are even doing it for a day then that is a big deal and I would love to see it. Leave me a link to your art so we can see it. Share with us.

I use my patreon all the time to share my mind, my heart and my art. Come and see.


I’m going to try to just use Sumi ink this month for Inktober.


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