All the suns in the oceans

Can’t say I’m the shiniest penny but I make beautiful dreams. They are like songs for your eyes.

Painter Files podcast ep 2.0 “little crowd”I fear a little bit developing film because it is the last bit of chaos I’m giving over control to a stranger with. I love the madness of just doing for my self in time.


2 thoughts on “All the suns in the oceans”

  1. LOLs at Alec. It’s a great picture, but she clearly wasn’t in the mood to have it taken.

    What is the significance (if any) of the broom head hanging from your rear view mirror? Does it ‘sweep away’ bad vibes (kind of like a reverse dreamcatcher for the car)? It’s very cute.

    Aaaaand… I’m intrigued by the multimedia detail. Which painting is that?


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