As the world spins I paint.

What have you been up to?

Me? Painting… mostly.

Always making

Self portraits are like street fights. They fuck you up some what.

The future is… black

James Baldwin

They crack you open.

Honest question

Where did half my podcast listeners go? I hope they are ok. I’m kind of worried they go sick from the pandemic.

Also Rip MF DOOM

Black and white film

A fun kindness in getting a nice roll developed.

Old feelings of Winter

I remember a time in my life when my great Uncle had a basement full of tools. It felt like a magical place I wasn’t aloud to touch. A museum of things. Timeless and scary a little bit. To many monster movies at age 7.

And some how it sat in my mind for 30 years as amazing .

The little city

Love is the breeze as it whispers secrets to you about yourself and the world.


The town

It’s really a beautiful place. The edges are rusty and sun kissed. Home.

All parts of one whole.


Full jelly roll

Pick up my new poster.

Inkkingtober poster link

Always making

Sumi ink is an act of love. I kinda hate the smell but love the end result. Layers and everything. Slowly building the worlds.

Ink king October week 2

These have gotten such a great reaction from people. Makes me happy. Thank you.